Frontier Housing’s Mutual Self-Help

Program brings together homebuyers into build groups of 4-8 households, leading them through the process of cooperatively building their home.

It is the only Mutual Self-Help program administered in Kentucky.

Each household provides at least 30 hours a week to the build process, and none of the families move in until all the homes are completed.

In exchange for all the labor, the homebuyers only finance the cost of the land they purchase, the materials that go into the home, and the trades/subcontractors that get hired to compete parts of the work (e.g. electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, etc.)

Energy Efficient Design = Long-term

Frontier housing builds energy-efficient homes because efficient homes save homeowners lots of money. Ford decades Frontier Housing has championed energy efficiency design features which make living in one of our homes both comfortable and economical.

• 2×6 exterior walls instead of 2×4 walls
• Caulking & sealing all the air gaps in the building envelope
• Raised-heat trusses to allow more attic insulation over the exterior walls
• heat pump hot water heater, which is 2x-3x more efficient than a standard electric hot water heater.
• Energy Recovery Ventilator, which circulates fresh air while simultaneously heating (or cooling) the fresh air to the temperature inside the house, by using the stale air that is being vented out of the house.
• LED lighting